Reflecting on the anniversary of COVID-19 quarantine measures: a message from Wellsource CEO Chris McReynolds


"Thinking back on the past year, one of the lessons I've learned is the incredible resiliency of the human spirit. I've gotten to see this firsthand—in the ways our employees rose to the challenge of unique working environments, in the dedication of our customers in serving their populations, and really in the way all of humanity has turned a new focus on physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

This, to me, has been a silver lining in a year rife with challenges.

So as we recognize the last year in this pandemic, I am heartened to think we bring with us the tireless dedication of the Wellsource team. We bring with us the hard work of our clients, and the renewed vision the health and wellness market has found in helping people live longer, healthier lives."

- Chris McReynolds, CEO Wellsource