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The Most Important Data Set for Population Health Success


Self-reported data: A window into behaviors and feelings.

Can we trust that people are going to be honest when you ask them how many minutes of physical activity they do each day? Or if they floss? What about drinking alcohol?

Biometrics tell only part of the story, so how can you minimize bias in self-reporting to learn about such things as:

  • Readiness to change
  • Daily lifestyle or social determinants of health
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety

If you missed the webinar presented by Dr. Brittany Carter, now you can download a video of the presentation here.

Brittany-Carter-300x300Dr. Carter is an expert in health statistics and research. Learn why she believes that "Self-reported data is essential" and how you can collect the best data possible for population health management.

Download the video now.



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