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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wellsource® Health Risk Assessments


It is important to know all of the answers to your questions before you take the next step, right?

So why should researching HRAs be any different?

Understanding your population is the first step to being able to give them specific solutions to exactly what they need, and to deliver programs that are specific the individual.

Wellsource has put together a collection of the ten most frequently asked questions that we have received throughout the years about the Wellsource Health Risk Assessment (HRA). What you will also learn within this FAQ, is:

  • How Wellsource collects their data
  • How you can customize your HRA
  • Different ways you can get your population to take the HRA



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"Good health is your greatest asset. You will never regret a decision to take better care of your health."

Don Hall, DrPH, CHES, Founder Wellsource